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Curriculum Classes

If you are ready to earn your degree, certificate, or diploma, then curriculum classes are for you. There are numerous programs (majors) that you can complete, and each program has various requirements for admission.

Admission Requirements

Before applying to the College, you must meet some basic admission requirements:

  • First, you must have a high-school diploma or equivalent GED for admission into any curriculum program. This requirement applies to all prospective students. A home-school diploma will satisfy this requirement, as well.
  • Next, some courses require that you enter having certain minimum reading, writing, or mathematical skills. To ensure you meet these requirements, you must complete a placement test.
  • Finally, make note of any additional requirements that your program of choice may impose. For example, selected health-related programs require that certain prerequisites be met prior to students being considered for admission to those particular programs.

If you have met these requirements, then you are ready to begin the admissions process.

Entering a Curriculum Program

MCC offers a wide variety of academic programs that you can choose to complete. (To see a full current listing, check the Academic Programs area.) To get started on your academic career, there are a few steps that must be completed for admission to the College. These steps will help guide you through the MCC admissions process:

  1. Apply to the college by completing an Application for Admission form online or by picking up a paper copy from the MCC Admissions Office. (If you decide to fill out the paper version, return the completed form to the MCC Admissions Office.) There is no fee for submitting an Application for Admission.
  2. Submit your official high-school transcript showing high-school graduation (or equivalent GED score report) to the MCC Registrar's Office. If you have completed course work at other colleges or universities, send transcripts from those institutions to the MCC Registrar's Office, as well. Official transcripts must be in the original, sealed envelope as provided by the institution that provided the transcript; faxed/e-mailed copies of transcripts are not official and cannot be accepted.
  3. Apply for financial aid by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is available online (www.fafsa.ed.gov). For more information about financial aid, view the Financial Aid Resource Center. Apply for financial as soon as possible to ensure that you are able to pay for your tuition and supplies. Requesting financial aid can take considerable time.
  4. Complete placement testing.
  5. Meet with a counselor in the MCC Admissions Office to discuss your previous academics, placement-test scores, career plans, and anything else that might academically help you.
  6. Attend a New Student Orientation Session provided the College prior to the beginning of your first semester at MCC. This session will ensure that your are familiar with offices and services at MCC and that you are familiar with distance-education (online) technologies that will be used in your classes.
  7. Visit the campus and register for classes during a registration period or on a One-Stop Registration day. To see when the next registration period/day is, check the current Curriculum Academic Calendar. To see specific times and locations that classes are offered, see the Curriculum Class Schedule.

Be sure to also pay your tuition and any other fees by the due date. See the tuition schedule for specifc tuition rates and other student fees.

Visiting/Special-Credit Students

If you want to take curriculum classes but do not want to pursue a degree, diploma, or certificate, or if you want to complete curriculum classes to transfer to another college or university, the Special Credit program may be your best option. For more information about the Special Credit program and other programs offered at MCC, see the Academic Programs page.